Online Core Advocacy Skills Training: What Happens When a Child Comes to the Attention of CPS?

Online Core Advocacy Skills Training (OCAST) is an interactive e-learning course created by Texas CASA which looks to answer the question: What happens when a child is removed from their home because of abuse or neglect? To do so, it walks you step-by-step through everything that happens in a case from when a child first comes to the attention of Child Protective Services, all the way to advocating for permanency and preparing the youth for adulthood. Volunteers, staff and virtually anyone who is interested in learning about the role of a CASA volunteer or the child welfare system is encouraged to take it and learn!

There are a total of six lessons, each taking from one to two hours to complete:

  • Lesson 1: A Child Comes to the Attention of the Child Protective System
  • Lesson 2: Ex-Parte Hearing to Adversary Hearing
  • Lesson 3: Status Hearing to Initial Permanency Hearing
  • Lesson 4: Subsequent Permanency to Final Hearing
  • Lesson 5: Trial/Adoption
  • Lesson 6: Permanent Managing Conservatorship

Once you finish the course, you will receive a brief follow-up survey and will be able to print your grades as proof of completion. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to better serve and care for children and youth in the foster care system.

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