“Sam & the Search for Spots”: Help Children Understand How Their Lawyer Can Help

The Children’s Commission Legal Representation Committee created a coloring book designed to help children ages 6-12 understand the role of an attorney ad litem for a child and the attorney-client relationship. The coloring book was developed by a workgroup which included law professors, board-certified child welfare law experts, and youth formerly in foster care.

The book follows the journey of Sam, a child who just entered the foster care system. Alongside drawings, it includes different statements that explain to children the importance of their lawyer:

“They’re special because they
work for you. They’re your lawyer.
Sometimes they’ll go by other
names like attorney, counselor,
or ad litem… but they’ll always be
helping you.”

The book’s goal is to facilitate discussion and understanding between children, caregivers and attorneys about what differentiates an attorney from other people in the child’s case and how the attorney can help the child client.

The publication is available in two formats:

For assistance or inquiries about the book, please contact the Children’s Commission at children@txcourts.gov.