FY22 Performance Measure Updates

Great news to share regarding Performance Measures reporting!

1. The data will now be due on the 15th business day of the month, following the end of the quarter (allowing 5 additional business days to collect and report data). Here is the NEW Data Submission Calendar.

2. You will also now find that the ODM will use the same definitions standardized in Optima to ease the reporting process. Please remember to run the exception reports listed on the attached documents for each one. Notice the reports in your custom report tab labeled:

  • FY22 Texas ODM Quarterly Child-Case Submission
  • FY22 Texas ODM Quarterly Volunteer Submission
  • Texas ODM Fiscal Start (BOY) Child-Case Submission
  • Texas ODM Fiscal Start (BOY) Volunteer Submission

3. You will see the demographics have changed to a Hispanic and a Non-Hispanic section to clarify the race and ethnicity. Remember, you report this by county if you serve multiple counties.

4. There are also newly added Volunteer Activity Types by Instances and by Hours. The Optima report entitled Texas Volunteer Contacts/Activity Summary by Date is the report you will run to enter the data for this section. Make sure you run the Un-approved Contact Logs-by Supervisor Exception Report first and make sure there are no pending contact logs.

5. Depending on which data conversion option your program chose, you may need to map some of the older definitions into the standardized definitions for reporting purposes.

As a reminder, the Optima Date Management Toolkit is available and provides more details on Optima and the Texas CASA network data definitions.