Helping Kids Be Kids: New Normalcy Guidebook & Video

Texas CASA is excited to share Normalcy Matters: A Guide to Supporting Children & Youth in Texas Foster Care with you in the hope that it will inform understanding of what normalcy is, why it matters, and the important role each of us plays in supporting and promoting normalcy for young people in the Texas child welfare system. This guidebook and companion video were developed by Texas CASA and funded by the Supreme Court of Texas Children’s Commission, with the goal of moving the conversation about normalcy beyond simply allowing activities and to really change the culture of foster care in Texas so that young people are empowered by a fuller range of options in their daily experience of life.

Read the normalcy matters guide

We have also developed a toolkit with sample social media posts and messaging for those who want to help spread awareness on their channels. Please share these resources far and wide, especially with advocates!

By making normalcy a true priority, encouraging open communication and collaboration, and ensuring children’s voices are heard, everyone involved in the child welfare system can help ensure a better experience for children in foster care – setting them up for success, helping them live fuller lives and giving them a better chance at a bright future.

Please note, mention is made in the video of reaching out to CASA volunteers to help arrange transportation for youth, which may be interpreted as suggesting that CASA volunteers can provide transport. If your program’s policy does not permit volunteers to transport youth, please clarify for your advocates as you see fit to avoid confusion.