The Time Is Right for Social Work: Honoring Social Work Month 2022

By Vicki Spriggs, Texas CASA CEO

Dear CASA Community,

During National Social Work Month, we take the time to appreciate and elevate the 700,000+ social workers across our nation who have devoted their careers to bettering the lives of others. The theme this year is “The Time Is Right for Social Work,” and this couldn’t be more true.

As advocates for children and families in the child welfare system, we’ve always known that social workers are essential. From caseworkers to therapists to high-level leadership, social workers are the lifeblood of the system. We are lucky to have no shortage of dedicated social workers on our Texas CASA staff and in the statewide CASA community. Over the past couple of years, social workers have played a vital role in the pandemic response. They’ve adapted their work so that they could continue to lead the frontlines, providing compassionate care to children and families, keeping them connected and helping them navigate challenges.

The time is always right for social work, but right now, the lifesaving services social workers provide are more important than ever.

In our latest podcast episode, we speak with Maria McCord, one of the wonderful social workers on our Texas CASA staff. Maria works as one of our Collaborative Family Engagement Coaches and is currently pursuing her MSW. We dive into her own experiences in foster care, the importance of empathy in our work with children and families, and the power of healthy connections.

We’re also featuring a story that exemplifies one of the shared values between CASA and the social work field: collaboration. After he was removed from home, Lucas missed his dog terribly. Read the story of how Lucas’ CASA volunteer, caseworker, attorney, foster parents and family of origin all worked together to surprise him with his best furry friend.

This month, I hope you’ll join us in thanking the social workers in your lives and learning more about this amazing field and how you can support it. You can learn more on the National Association of Social Workers website.

Be well,