Going the Distance for Children in Texas Foster Care

Are you aware of the current crisis in the Texas foster care system? May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize the importance of communities working together to provide safe environments for children and families. Across the state, there are so many children in foster care who are placed far away from their families and communities, some in a distant part of Texas, and some even out of state.

Johnny, a child in the Texas foster care system, was recently relocated to a facility out of state. Click on the video below to hear Johnny’s story.

There’s hope in CASA!

During this crisis, the CASA network is doing our best to fill the gaps by consistently showing up as caring adults, expanding the reach of CASA advocacy and connecting with the most vulnerable children—children like Johnny. We’re doing this through a program called Courtesy CASA. Courtesy CASA allows us to assess a child’s safety and report to authorities when necessary, travelling thousands of miles per month to provide emotional support and in-person connection for children in distant placements.

How can we sustain this critical support for children in foster care? By spreading awareness and raising funds! A member of the Texas CASA Board of Directors has already contributed a generous lead gift of $20,000. We are challenging the community to come together and raise an additional $20,000 for a total of $40,000 towards Courtesy CASA for Foster Care Month.

Southwest Airlines also shares CASA’s commitment to keep Texas children safe. They have partnered with us to provide 50 roundtrip airfare tickets for Courtesy CASA to visit children placed far away from home. 

Texas CASA and the CASA network work to ensure children can be safe, even through the stressful, and at times chaotic, foster care experience. You, too, can be a part of the solution to this crisis. Donate now and help CASA go the distance for children in foster care!

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