Vicki Spriggs: Feds Set Money Aside for Foster Youth, but It Can’t Help Them If They Can’t Access It

Op-Ed for the Waco Tribune-Herald on May 6, 2022

“Imagine if you were a young adult who struggled to pay for basic necessities such as your cell phone, food, clothes and rent — and you had no parents to help out. Now imagine that the government set aside money to help you pay for those necessities, but finding out how to get it was difficult and confusing, and no one could really tell you if it was coming or not.

That’s exactly what’s happening with funds earmarked for foster youth.”

Right now, the Department of Family and Protective Services has millions of dollars of extra pandemic relief funds to assist youth who are currently in or aged out of foster care—but youth can’t get the funds set aside for them if they don’t know about them, or don’t know how. Read our CEO’s op-ed to learn more about the issue.

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