Demystifying Supplemental Security Income Benefits for Children with Disabilities

Supplemental Security Income benefits, or “SSI”, are monthly cash payments made to help meet the basic needs of children who have a qualifying physical or mental disability or who are blind. It’s a complicated topic—but it’s a vital one for CASA volunteers to understand so that they can help ensure kids receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Check out our recent webinar, The FAQs of SSI Benefits & Eligibility, available on-demand on CASA College. In the webinar, we explore what advocates need to know about SSI benefits, why it’s a time-sensitive matter, and how they can advocate for eligible kids in foster care. We know this issue is dense, so we’ve combed through the weeds and gathered need-to-know information to support your advocacy.

In addition, we’re excited to share two new resources that break down what you need to know about SSI benefits and eligibility and how to advocate for children. We also cover these in the webinar above.

Note: Given the complex nature of this topic, it’s important to first discuss these resources, and how they can help you approach your advocacy, with your CASA supervisor.

By helping identify youth who may be eligible for SSI benefits, and ensuring they and their families understand the process, CASA volunteers can help ensure youth and families get the support they need and deserve!

Interested in learning more about SSI benefits? Contact Coaching and Advocacy Development Lead Lisa Briggs at