Texas CASA Releases Second Edition of Guide to Community-Based Care

We are pleased to announce the release of the second edition of Transforming Together: A Guide to Community-Based Care in Texas. This guide has been updated to reflect the progress of Community-Based Care (CBC) implementation over the last two years.


What is Community-Based Care (CBC), and what does it have to do with CASA?

In 2017, in an effort to improve the outcomes of children in the conservatorship of the state, the 85th Texas Legislature redesigned foster care, creating the change model known as Community-Based Care (CBC). CBC is a new way of providing foster care and case management services. CBC rollout progresses in stages, moving responsibility for foster care placement, case management and services from state of Texas employees to private contractors.

The hopeful vision of CBC is a transformed child welfare system in which children can stay geographically close to their home communities and can be supported by a comprehensive network of local services overseen by providers that are held accountable for positive outcomes.

Though the role of CASA in the legal process will not change with CBC, the partners that CASA works with will now vary across the state.

In 2019, Texas CASA produced the first guide to Community-Based Care for the network. Since then, implementation has progressed and the Legislature has made significant changes to the CBC model. The second edition of Transforming Together: A Guide to Community-Based Care in Texas is an updated resource to keep the CASA network informed about CBC and how CASA will operate in this new structure.

The guide examines how CASA can best adapt to this new and evolving model of foster care and how to help facilitate a smooth transition to the new system—keeping the safety and well-being of the children we serve at the forefront.

As implementation progresses, Texas CASA will continue to update this resource. If you have questions related to the guide or CBC implementation, contact the Texas CASA Public Policy team at publicpolicy@texascasa.org.