August Is Bystander Awareness Month

“While the responsibility for domestic violence or sexual assault lies with the perpetrators of these crimes, we all play a role in creating a culture of respect and preventing violence.” –

August is Bystander Awareness Month. When you think of the word “bystander”, what comes to mind? Witnessing and intervening in an actual incidence of abuse or violence? The fact is, this is only a small part of bystander intervention.

Challenging and speaking out against harmful social norms, recognizing the warning signs, and preventing and interrupting situations that could lead to violence are all part of being an engaged bystander.

Check out’s real-life bystander scenarios and learn about safe, informed ways to respond to a variety of potential situations. There is also a resource listing at the bottom of the page, covering the workplace, tools for teens and youth, targeted resources for men and more.