Upcoming Facilitator Training: How to Lead Case Study Activities in Pre-Service Training

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 8, from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Central for a virtual training designed for anyone not yet familiar with how to lead the case study activities in pre-service training (e.g., the Lavender Bass case, the Jessica Brown case, the Marky Greene case, the Maria Amarillo case and others).

These case studies are powerful opportunities for volunteers-in-training to practice applying the information they’re learning. We’ll choose one case study and walk through the mechanics of how to introduce the activity and guide your participants through it; covering how to prepare copies of the interviews ahead of time, explaining the moderator/runner/questioner/scribe roles for participants, keeping the activity within the time allotted, and debriefing the case study.

If you don’t yet have experience with leading these case studies, we hope you’ll join us at the button below! No registration necessary.

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