Seeds of Hope: Texas CASA Partners with Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

When the Texas CASA staff first met jeweler Laura Elizabeth, we knew it was going to be a long-lasting friendship. We were drawn to her work because she supports nonprofits and communities with some of the proceeds of her authentic, hand crafted jewelry—which is made in Austin and ethically sourced. We decided to partner together and co-create “The Jane” necklace in honor of our founder, Jane Quentan Piper. The seed in the piece represents Texas CASA and our mission to support local CASA programs that advocate for children and families in the child protection system.

Laura Elizabeth on “The Jane”

“Children see and experience life so differently than adults. They are more forgiving and express themselves more openly. They are trusting. And they are vulnerable and dependent upon us to protect them. It is unfathomable to think of a child not having their basic needs met. That’s where CASA comes in. My mom volunteered for CASA when I was a little girl. Her experience helped bring me the awareness that not everyone has an advocate. When Texas CASA mentioned us working together on a piece, my eyes welled up and without hesitation, I said, ‘Absolutely!’

Soon thereafter, I was on a walk in my neighborhood and saw a crepe myrtle seed dangling from the tree right in front of me. I could have continued walking, but it was so bold that it stopped me in my tracks. The seed represents so much. We can ignore it and let it drop onto the street, or we can plant it and nurture it to let it grow. Our choice with what to do with the seed makes the difference. This is just like Texas CASA. We can be a part of a supportive movement or we can watch from the sidelines. I feel honored, grateful and humbled to play a small role of connecting this seed to all the powerful work CASA volunteers do.”

The best part? When you purchase “The Jane” or any other jewelry from Laura Elizabeth, she donates to Texas CASA or another nonprofit of your choice—at no additional cost! After you choose your jewelry and enter the cart section (before the checkout page), look for a drop down under the subtotal.

Whether you’re treating yourself, getting a head start on holiday shopping or showing your appreciation for someone special, we hope you’ll purchase this gorgeous piece while supporting a cause that’s meaningful to you.

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About Jane Quentan Piper, Texas CASA Founding CEO & Inspiration for “The Jane”

While Texas CASA’s story officially started in 1989, Founding CEO Jane Quentan Piper’s own CASA story started in 1980 when she became a volunteer with Dallas CASA. She later moved to Austin, and when she realized there was not a local CASA program serving the area, she got involved to help start a program in Travis County. The process opened her eyes to the lack of a centralized system of standards and guidelines.

“Trying to get the program started in Austin was difficult because there were just no guidelines. I was going around getting help from other people,” Jane said of the experience.

This endeavor connected Jane with Marty Braniff. They shared a vision of a statewide hub—their vision of Texas CASA. With Jane at the helm, CASA’s statewide presence grew from 13 programs to 53. She was also instrumental in the passage of legislation that assisted the growth of CASA in Texas.

Jane retired from Texas CASA in June 2001, and she continues her commitment to help children today.

When I helped found Texas CASA back in 1989, the original purpose was to assist in forming new CASA programs so that every child in the foster care system could have a CASA volunteer,” said Jane. “Since then, the CASA network has grown from 13 programs to 72 strong, serving more than 30,000 children all across Texas!”