Introducing the Advocacy for Youth Affected by Sex Trafficking Guidebook

Texas CASA is pleased to share a new resource and guidebook for CASA volunteers and staff on best advocacy practices for young people impacted by sex trafficking. The CASA network of caring community members appointed as volunteers, and the local programs who support them, are an essential part of advocacy for youth in foster care who are affected by child sex trafficking. These youth need CASA volunteers who are well-trained, connected and prepared to support their specialized needs. By taking the steps to learn more, you are joining an effort to create a linked network of services across the state of Texas.

Texas CASA has developed the CASA Anti-Child Trafficking framework known as CASA ACTs to provide resources, training and coordination of services. Thank you for taking the step to expand your knowledge of the dynamics of child sex trafficking, and the ways to skillfully advocate for youth who have been affected. It is our deepest hope and belief that prevention is the cure: by strengthening the supports for youth and advocating for all of their needs to be met, we can interrupt the risk factors that create their vulnerability to traffickers.

By attending to placement safety, mental health needs, educational and medical advocacy, family searching, supporting a web of long-term connections, and doing what CASA volunteers do best—building strong, trusting relationships with youth in foster care—we aim to change the statistics.

Read the Guide Here