Support Texas CASA During Foster Care Month

Texas has more than 38,000 children and youth in foster care out of the more than 391,000 children and youth in foster care in the United States. To support those experiencing the child welfare system, Texas CASA provides resources, tools and training to the network of 73 local CASA programs and more than 9,500 community CASA volunteers. You can help our work today and join us in May to recognize National Foster Care Month.

Texas CASA works to ensure that children and families have the opportunity to thrive. Families become involved with the child welfare system during a time of crisis and need support from everyone within the system and their community to heal. To meaningfully address the needs of children, youth, and young adults in foster care requires an approach that focuses on their well-being within the contexts of home, family, school, work, and community. Texas CASA helps create connections and support through innovative programs, community collaboration, impactful resources and advocacy for systemic change.

CASA’s success as a network of high-quality volunteers relies on partnership, coordination and timely information-sharing. Texas CASA serves as the information hub for the network and monitors developments across the state in order to ensure each local CASA program is always aware of changes in the foster care system and how to navigate them.

Texas CASA, local CASA programs and the powerful corps of community CASA volunteers will continue to diligently serve children and families as the Texas foster care system evolves. This National Foster Care Month, support Texas CASA.

Support Texas CASA