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Texas CASA Statement in Reference to 2013 Commissioned Research

November 12, 2019

CASA programs in Texas have always been, and continue to be, committed to serving the best interests of children in the child welfare system. Research shows that it is in the best interests of children to remain with, and connected to, their families and communities. It is CASA’s first priority on cases to advocate for keeping families together whenever safe and possible. This is also the first priority of the child welfare system as a whole. We have created comprehensive trainings and resources to reinforce this practice across our network.

In 2013, we commissioned The University of Texas at Austin to evaluate CASA volunteer effectiveness related to the safety, permanency and well-being of children and youth in the child welfare system. The research provided us valuable information key to strengthening training and improving advocacy. While we have excelled in focusing on safety, we are still determining best practices for permanency and well-being. We are grateful to be a learning, growing organization and will continue to conduct research to ensure we are making a positive difference in the lives of children and families.

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Statement from the Child & Family Research Partnership

November 18, 2019

Researchers at the Child and Family Research Partnership at UT Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs have released a statement in regards to their recently published paper in Child Maltreatment titled “The Effect of CASA on Child Welfare Permanency Outcomes.” In this letter, CFRP states that“Results from the study may be misinterpreted to insinuate a larger difference in permanency outcomes between children with and without a CASA than the results actually find. The results are stated in odds ratios, which is a statistical term commonly used in research. To better understand the difference in permanency outcomes between CASA and No CASA children, it is clearer to share the results in predicted probabilities (which are estimated from the regression models). For example, these findings show that 32.13% of children without a CASA are reunified compared to 28.61% of children with a CASA, for a difference in 3.5 percentage points (in the paper, the difference is stated as 16% lower odds). Although the 3.5 percentage point difference is statistically significant, it may not be considered substantially large.”

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About Texas CASA

Texas CASA is a statewide membership organization that works hand-in-hand with the 72 local CASA programs in Texas to develop groundbreaking initiatives and legislative priorities that advance the child welfare system. We work to connect each part of the CASA community and empower the local programs to perform at their highest level. With a solid foundation and a culture of collaboration, we strengthen the programs’ ability to serve their volunteers – and ultimately, the children in need – positioning us to collectively move forward with greater success.  More about Texas CASA.


Texas CASA envisions a safe and positive future for all Texas children.


The mission of Texas CASA is to support local CASA volunteer advocacy programs and to advocate for effective public policy for children in the child protection system.

Impact Reports

FY 2018 | FY 2017 | FY 2016

Initiatives & Series
  • Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) | CFE, a partnership between local CASA programs and Child Protective Services (CPS), is focused on creating better outcomes for children in the Texas child protection system by identifying, locating and engaging family members and other committed adults so they may be involved in the child’s care and permanency planning. CFE FAQs | CFE Hand Out
  • Public Policy | Texas CASA works to make sure that the voices of children in the child welfare system are heard not only in the courts but also at the Texas Capitol. Texas CASA engages in legislative advocacy efforts to better enable CASA volunteers to serve these children through the promotion of public policies.
  • Conversations with CASA | A video series from Texas CASA that will explore current issues and trends affecting child welfare, our children in care and our network.
  • Emily’s Story: A Year in the Life of a Foster Child | A year-long series that each month pulled back the curtain on what life can really be like for children in state care.

Child Welfare & Texas CASA Facts

In 2018 in Texas:

  • 211 children died from child abuse or neglect.
  • There were 66,382 confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect.
  • Almost every 8 minutes, a child became a victim of abuse or neglect.
  • 20,685 children were removed from home due to abuse or neglect. That’s 56 children entering the foster care system each day.
  • A total of 52,397 children were in the child protection system.

The CASA community in Texas is made up of 72 local CASA programs with nearly 11,000 volunteers serving more than 30,000 foster children in 213 countiesClick here to view all CASA programs in Texas. For a CASA program outside of Texas, please visit the National CASA website.