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Texas CASA and Texas CPS are working collaboratively to implement an adaptation of the Family Finding model – a structured approach for extensively searching for and engaging with family and caring and supportive adults to seek better outcomes for children in care. Collaborative Family Engagement – CFE – is a flexible approach with tools and strategies to enhance family engagement and collaboration. Family Finding founder Kevin Campbell has worked closely with CASA and CPS in Texas to support this team-based approach.

Below, you will find short video clips of Kevin Campbell explaining the rationale behind this approach, as well as some other videos and short summary documents that explain aspects of CFE work and engagement. We are excited to have you join us in the journey to support child well-being and better outcomes for children and families we work with each day.


First, meet Kevin Campbell, Family Finding Model Author, and hear his thoughts about Collaborative Family Engagement.

2. about cfe

CFE is an approach that brings CASA and CPS together to work as a team, even more so than they already do.

3. cfe is not business as usual

Because we are working from a team-based approach, using new tools and techniques to find, build and engage Lifetime Networks for children, youth and their caregivers, CFE is not business as usual. Here’s Kevin with more about this.

4. MEET frankie

Meet Frankie, a youth who has aged out of the system who now knows the importance of creating a Lifetime Network (watch the video here).

5. from place to place

Now, meet some other youth who have not been as lucky as Frankie. This video is a 20-minute cut of the documentary From Place to Place, which will be made available for each CASA and CPS involved in CFE. Please be aware that this clip may contain some graphic language.

6. the impact of cfe

Through CFE and the development of the network, the role of a CPS caseworker can be focused on safety, and CASA no longer has to be the only consistent person in the child’s life.

7. cfe evaluation report

CFE has been evaluated by the University of Texas at Austin. Please read the executive summary. You can also read the full report.