Quarter 2 Performance Measures Due by March 7

Please be reminded that Fiscal Year 2018 Quarter 2 Performance Measures must be submitted in the Online Data Manager (ODM) by close of business Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

You must create and submit a record for Quarter 2. No other record is required. Continue reading below for important information related to your performance measures submission in the ODM.

1. A field for Status has been added (see bottom-right of image below).

  • When you create the form, the Status will be set automatically to Created. While the Status is Created, you can edit and save the record as often as necessary. The Status will remain Created.
  • When you are completely finished filling out and checking the record (including ED approval and Approval Date), click Submit, no later than the due date (March 7, 2018). The Status will then change to Submitted.
  • Once you click Submit, the record is locked. No changes of any sort are permitted after you submit. Wait to submit until you are certain it is final. Please note that this differs from the Grants procedures.

2. Volunteer Age Group typos have been corrected. The typographical errors that occurred in some of the volunteer age groups have been corrected. Counts for either set of age ranges submitted in Quarter 1 are acceptable. That is, no changes are required in Quarter 1 data.

If you have any questions, contact Data and Research Manager Karen Dvorak at kdvorak@texascasa.org.