Texas CASA Spotlight: Chris Kelly

Christine “Chris” Kelly is the Executive Assistant for Texas CASA. Besides being the first friendly face we see in the morning, Chris answers the phone; ensures our office operates effectively by overseeing building maintenance, IT support and ordering supplies; and works with our Board of Directors, CEO and staff on multiple levels. 

Tell us about your background and your previous work experience.

I grew up in Massachusetts, and started a working career in the early 80’s for a family-run competition swimming pool manufacturing company. I held several positions within the company. I learned valuable lessons in professionalism, organization, dependability and customer service. When the company merged and moved to upstate N.Y., I was asked to relocate and become the customer service manager. I was told I could “wear many hats,” and enjoyed learning all I could.

I moved to Seattle and worked for a major wireless company. I later went to the nonprofit world with the Board of REALTORS as the receptionist, handling training sessions, and moved to the assistant to the Government Relations Director.

I enjoy meeting people, assisting them, listening and learning all I can about their concern, and finding a perfect solution for all involved. Being involved in and helping different departments really gives me a big picture of the organization, which helps to think outside the normal.

Coming to Austin was the perfect move for me. I worked for an education-based nonprofit, again starting as receptionist and quickly moving to the training assistant keeping five trainers on track with conferences, trainings, etc.

What brought you to Texas CASA and the CASA cause?

A friend told me about an open Executive Assistant position at Texas CASA. When reading about CASA, I felt my experiences and skills would be best utilized for this organization. Once I started to work for CASA, I met so many people that were involved in CASA one way or another, and I felt like I had made the right employment decision.

When asked what I do for work, I am very proud to say “I’m the Executive Assistant for Texas CASA.”

How long have you been with Texas CASA?

Just over two years! I am so proud to be a part of this organization, where the mission and vision are really what the team is about.

Tell us a little about your role as Executive Assistant.

I had no idea how much my “wearing of many hats” mentality had prepped me for this role! I work on just about everything: from answering the phone; to building maintenance; to IT support; to ordering supplies; to working with our Board of Directors, CEO and all staff on so many levels. Bouncing from need to need.

I like to know it all…or at least know where to find the answer. I am the go-to person, and although it can be a challenge, I truly like what I do for Texas CASA.

Why is CASA meaningful to you, personally? 

Personally, the work is meaningful to me because I support the folks that are doing such good things for children. I’ve always felt I am a great supporter; a behind-the-scenes person.  I have also learned the value in volunteering for the community.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I feel at my best and accomplished when I am able to use my skills and experience to help team members with projects; or the conference; or anything that brings the board, staff, and community together.

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