Denton County CASA Program Hosts Men of CASA Event

CASA of Denton County recently held a Men of CASA recruitment and awareness happy hour in Lewisville, as part of their effort to recruit more men to become CASA volunteers. The event was a great success – 17 men attended, including men currently serving as advocates, one advocate-in-training, and others who had just heard about the event or been invited by current advocates.

Oftentimes, children in foster care do not have a reliable father figure or positive male role model in their lives. Only about 15 percent of the Denton County program’s advocates are men, while more than 50 percent of children in care are boys, explained Executive Director Debbie Jensen.

“Boys often seem to be happy meeting a man as their CASA when so many of the people working on these cases are female,” she said.

Although all CASA volunteers are well trained and ready to advocate for any child, children with a consistent, positive male influence in their life*:

  • Have a better physical well-being,
  • Possess higher competency for relating with others,
  • Demonstrate greater ability to take initiative,
  • Better evidence self-control,
  • Achieve more academically, and
  • Are more likely to abstain from using drugs.

Based on the interest from those who attended the event, the program was able to add another training session for this fall.

“We are excited about bringing more men into our CASA program because we’ve seen the valuable perspectives they can bring to a case,” Jensen said. “We plan to continue this recruiting effort for a long time to come.”

*According to research by Kyle Pruett, M.D. and Warren Farrell, Ph.D.