Conversations with CASA – Kristene Blackstone Part 2

Associate Commissioner for CPS Kristene Blackstone is back for another installment of Conversations with CASA to talk specifically about the Department’s initiatives to respond to and protect youth in foster care who run away. In Fiscal Year 2017, roughly 1,700 youth ran away. The Department recovered 1,400 of the youth and is working to create wraparound support to prevent future runaways.

Blackstone has been associate commissioner for CPS in Texas since May 1, 2016, overseeing one of the largest CPS programs in the nation with more than 8,000 employees statewide. In her first episode of Conversations with CASA, Blackstone and Spriggs talked about the Department’s successes over the past two years under her leadership and areas where they are still working to improve. You can watch her first episode and more below.

Conversations with CASA is an online series from Texas CASA that explores current issues and trends affecting child welfare, our children in care and our network. Follow the links below to see past episodes.

Felicia Mason-Edwards, Faith-based Division Administrator for DFPS
Jenny Haynes, Texas CASA Board President-elect
Tara Perry, National CASA CEO
Brandy Howard, Foster Youth Attorney at Disability Rights Texas
Kristene Blackstone, Associate Commissioner for CPS
Andrea Sparks, Director of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team
Richard LaVallo, Legal Director for Disability Rights Texas in Austin