Phoenix House Residential Treatment Program

Phoenix House is a residential treatment program for adolescents ages 13 to 17 who are struggling with substance use or addiction (18 if still in high school). There are two locations: an Austin location specifically for boys, and a Dallas location that serves both boys and girls. Room and board are provided, which means they can serve patients from anywhere in the state.

Phoenix House runs a strengths-oriented, positive psychology and evidence-based program that focuses on the individual. Clinicians are Master’s level and the patient will have access to a psychiatrist. Onsite there is yoga, mindfulness workshops, a gym, basketball, a music studio and pet therapy. Participants also get many opportunities to have fun offsite, such as outdoor field trips, sporting events and more.

This a great program for teens who have struggled with an addicted family system and exposure to traumatic events. It is not a locked door facility, so any teen attending the program must be willing to participate. Patients cannot be admitted against their will.

To get someone scheduled for an assessment in Austin, call Assessment Counselor Tim Young at 512-569-8838 or email [email][/email] – for Dallas you can call Susanna Huffman at 214-999-1044 or email [email][/email].