ODM Tip: Whitelist IP Addresses to Ensure ODM Emails Go to Your Inbox

It has come to our attention that some email messages sent from the online data manager (ODM) have been going to junk folders instead of the inbox in some local programs.

The ODM is built on Salesforce. Salesforce sends emails from a variety of Internet Provider (IP) addresses. If your organization or your internet provider blocks any of the IP addresses listed below, you may not receive all emails sent from the ODM to your email inbox. To decrease the likelihood of missing emails, you can ask your IT folks to verify that the below IP addresses are whitelisted in your email server firewall.

Also, if you are expecting an email from the ODM and do not receive it, please check your junk folder – it might be there.

ODM IP Address Information
IPv4 Network IPv4 IP Range
ARIN – – – – – – – – – – (a) – (a) – – – – – 190 – – (c) – – (d) – (c) – (d) – (c) – (d) –

NOTE: IPv4 Networks with (letter) contain contiguous ranges from other rows that have the same letter.

If you have any questions, please contact Data and Research Manager Karen Dvorak at [email]kdvorak@texascasa.org[/email].