Emily’s Story: 12-Part Series Comes to a Close

Last year, we explored a year in the life of a child in foster care through the eyes of Emily and her CASA volunteer, Maria. The 12-part story series recently came to an end in the December edition of The CASA Voice.

“Though this chapter of her life is complete, Emily’s Story is anything but over. The possibilities are endless! Maybe she’ll attend college. Maybe she will grow up to become an artist, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a social worker. Maybe she will have a family of her own, and maybe one day she’ll reflect on Maria’s impact on her life and decide to become a CASA volunteer just like her. Whatever Emily’s future has in store, she will grow up secure, connected and empowered – in a stable, safe, unconditionally loving home, with family, forever.”

If you haven’t had the chance, you can read Emily’s Story from the beginning, and watch Emily’s Dragon, the short film that inspired the series, below.