New Resource for CASA Volunteers on 3 in 30 Practice

3 in 30 is a DFPS practice that combines three separate, yet critical, tools for assessing the medical, behavioral and developmental strengths and needs of children and youth entering DFPS conservatorship:

  • The 3-Day Medical Exam,
  • The Texas Child and Adolescence Needs and Strengths 2.0 Assessment (CANS 2.0 Assessment), and
  • The Texas Health Steps Checkup, also known as Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT).

Superior HealthPlan has released a new resource for caregivers and foster parents to take to doctor visits with them to help doctors bill appropriately. They have also shared this information with the CASA network to help volunteers better understand how compliance is captured when children and youth receive their 3-day medical exam, CANS 2.0 assessment and Texas Health Steps exam. Download the resource.