Friday’s Child Film Premiering May 7-8

The SXSW 2018 Film Festival Official Selection Friday’s Child is hosting premiere screenings in theatres all across the U.S. on May 7-8. 

Based on the realities of aging out of foster care, Friday’s Child follows a young man drifting through life who turns to petty crime to survive. As one of 20,000 foster youth who are no longer eligible for care each year, often after the age of 18, Richie’s struggles lead him to discover an impossible love in an unlikely friend. This story captures the relentless quest of the human spirit and grapples with the societal impact of the foster care system, inspiring awareness, outreach, and action.

In addition to a sure-to-be powerful film, it’s a great opportunity to give back to CASA and other child welfare organizations. Ticket sales benefit the Ticket to Dream Foundation’s Take Flight program, which raises funds for partner nonprofits that impact the future of children and youth in foster care, including select local CASA programs!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each screening must sell a minimum number of tickets (typically 75-100) for the event to take place. Otherwise, ticket buyers will be refunded. We encourage you to help get the word out about this film so that all of the screenings can take place and the film can maximize its impact!

We hope you’ll spread the word, as well as attend a screening near you with friends and family. Use it to start a conversation about the realities of foster care and how CASA can make a difference!