Every Child Has a Chance – It’s Me! An Interview with Beth St. Paul

Beth St. Paul is the Director of Operations at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty, one of Texas CASA’s philanthropic partners. Learn more about our partnership on the Janet St. Paul website.

What is your story?

Originally, Janet (my sister and the owner of Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty) and I are from New Orleans. I left New Orleans after college and pursued a career in the media, which included working on the team that launched the CNBC and FUSE cable networks. I also have worked in Los Angeles in the film industry being in the Director’s Guild of America as a Trainee. Over the course of 20 years, Janet and I lived in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans. During her time in New York, Janet worked her way up from an Assistant to a Master Stylist with some of the best salons in New York, including Frederic Fekkai and Butterfly Studio.

In 2008, Janet and I decided to move to Austin. We had always been best friends and wanted to live in the same city. In 2011, after commuting back to New York to service her clients, Janet and I decided to open a salon. We expanded the salon in 2017 to our present location on 2nd Street and expanded our services from just hair to esthetics, brows and makeup. Janet also designed a line of makeup carried exclusively at the salon. During the last 8 years, I’ve been Janet’s Director of Operations, working on every aspect of our business, including future expansion.

How did you become involved with Texas CASA?

Janet and I agreed that we wanted to dedicate a portion of the salon’s marketing efforts and energy to “giving back” to Austin, because this city has been so wonderful to us. Several clients work with CASA of Travis County and told us about CASA’s mission. We wanted to know more, so then we met with Kara and Andrea on Texas CASA’s Social Impact team and thought, «What an amazing organization which we can dedicate our energies to!» Also on a personal note, both Janet and I have always been dedicated to the welfare of children. We both believe the future of a community, in many ways, can be determined by the young adults in the community and the resources that care and nurture these young citizens.

Why is the CASA mission meaningful for you personally?

On a very personal note, as a mother of two young sons, I see the many blessings in our lives and want to give back to those young people who have not been as fortunate.

How has your personal experience informed your advocacy?

I was a mentor in New Orleans to a young woman in the foster care system. During the time I mentored this young lady, I became acutely aware of the personal challenges so many young adults have in foster care. I witnessed how focused attention for a young adult can help them to believe in themselves, take care of themselves and understand that their life does not have to be defined by their past.

Texas CASA is honored to partner with Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty! This generous partnership helps Texas CASA best support the local CASA programs to serve children all across the state.