Quarter 4 Performance Measures Due Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Don’t forget – Performance Measures for Fiscal Year 2019 Quarter 4 are due Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. This is an extension of the previously announced date.

Make sure you’re ready for next fiscal year’s submissions by downloading the Fiscal Year 2020 Data Submission Calendar .

Details for Online Data Manager Submissions

Please create, fill in, save and submit two forms in the Online Data Manager:

  • Quarter 4 form
    • Cases and children added during Quarter 4
    • Volunteers newly assigned (for the fiscal year) during Quarter 4
  • End of Year (EOY form) for all of Fiscal Year 2019
    • Children not in state custody receiving court-ordered services (COS)
    • Courtesy Collaboration visits
    • Even if you have no COS children or Courtesy Collaboration visits, please create an EOY form and enter all zeros.

NEW! To help you check your data, we have created three reports you can use to view your current data submission.

  1. In the ODM, go to the Reports Tab
  2. Click on ODM Local Program Reports
  3. Click on your choice of any of the following reports:
    • Child, volunteer, and case quarterly counts for 2018 and 2019 (Child_Vol_Case_byQ_FY18-FY19)
    • Case counts used to calculate the VCR (Cases_VCR_byQ)
    • Long-term trends (Case_Child_Vol_byFY_FY10-present)

Please contact Data and Research Manager Karen Dvorak at [email]kdvorak@texascasa.org[/email] or Data Administrator Suzanne Alston at [email]salston@texascasa.org[/email] with any questions.