DFPS Releases Foster Care Needs Assessment & Rider 21 Report

The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has released the required Foster Care Needs Assessment and the “Rider 21” annual performance evaluation on Community-Based Care (CBC). Learn more about each report below.

Foster Care Needs Assessment
The Foster Care Needs Assessment is released each year in accordance with state law. DFPS data is extrapolated in this report to help individual catchment areas plan for future implementation of CBC, namely in catchment areas where it has not yet taken effect. The report is intended to also help foster care providers and child welfare professionals in different regions build capacity and forecast daily demand for substitute care through the next fiscal year.

The report reveals that more foster home capacity is needed across the state for youth 14 and older, higher-needs children, and children in rural areas of Texas. Texas CASA encourages you to review this important information for your local CASA program so you can be informed about your community and the foster care needs directly impacting your area.

Rider 21 Report
The “Rider 21” annual performance evaluation on CBC provides a comparative analysis between the legacy foster care system and the catchment areas operating under CBC contractors, known as Single Source Continuum Contractors (SSCCs).

The report provides an overview of operations in Stage I of the process – in which the SSCC is required to improve child safety, well-being and placement capacity within the community. It covers operations in Regions 3B, 2 and 8A.

For more information about CBC, please visit the DFPS webpage, or email the Texas CASA Public Policy team at [email]publicpolicy@texasacasa.org[/email].