DFPS PEI Provider Directory 2020 Now Online

The Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Provider Directory for 2020 is now available online. This electronic resource includes an overview of each PEI-funded program, and includes county-level maps, program overviews and success stories to help readers understand where and how PEI is helping Texas children, youth and families. Contact information for providers includes contractors, subcontractors and counties served to help speed referrals.

PEI is the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) program that focuses on stopping bad outcomes before they happen. The program helps families and communities prevent:

  • Child abuse and neglect,
  • Juvenile delinquency,
  • Youth running away, and
  • Truancy.

PEI uses a public health framework to prevent child maltreatment and fatalities, and support positive child, family and community outcomes. It aims to improve the well-being of all Texans by acting upon a broad range of factors and conditions that influence child well-being. Preventing child maltreatment and other negative outcomes includes addressing the underlying issues, including poverty, family instability, poor health, substance abuse and mental illness.

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