Conversations with CASA – Kate Murphy

Parental substance use is a contributing factor in most removals within the child welfare system. However, nearly all removals that involve parental substance use as a contributing factor are related to neglectful supervision rather than abuse, according to a recent report from Texans Care for Children. Kate Murphy, Senior Child Welfare Policy Associate with Texans Care for Children and author of the report, joins Texas CASA for this edition of Conversations with CASA. In the episode, Kate and Vicki discuss stigmas around substance use disorders that can prevent parents from seeking support, and how CASA can better support parents in their recovery.

As Senior Child Welfare Policy Associate, Kate leads Texans Care for Children’s work to keep children safe at home through an effective Child Protective Services (CPS) workforce, prevention services, and other efforts. Before joining Texans Care for Children, she was a Mental Health Policy Fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, Texas. In that role, Kate developed and advanced policy solutions at the state level to address a variety of mental health, public health and criminal justice issues.

Conversations with CASA is an online series from Texas CASA that explores current issues and trends affecting child welfare, children and families in care and the CASA network.

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