Engage Faith Communities in Praying for Children on Stand Sunday!

On Nov. 8, 2020, faith communities across the state of Texas are invited to pray for children and families involved in the foster care system. Called Stand Sunday, this initiative is sponsored by Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO). Child Protection Services (CPS) has agreed to release the first names and ages of children in foster care for this occasion with the goal of having someone praying individually for EVERY child in foster care.

This is a wonderful way for your CASA program to connect with local churches and other faith communities, as well as initiate the assistance of your current volunteers to engage their faith communities.

Talk to your local churches and other prayer-practicing groups about Stand Sunday!

  • Stand Sunday is always the second Sunday during November, which is National Adoption Month.
  • Stand Sunday engages faith communities in the welfare and needs of children in foster care and their families.

Engage volunteers and friends to also become involved!

  • Inform everyone that this year, Texas is on a mission to have someone praying individually for EVERY child in foster care.
  • CPS has released the first names and ages of the 31,000 children in foster care. Programs can request this list by contacting Strategic Network Services Director Dennise Jackson at djackson@texascasa.org.
  • One church/organization can choose to pray for one child, or 100 members can pray individually for 100 children.
  • Local CASA programs can choose to assign local children to faith communities in their areas or names from the list.

Once a church agrees to pray, please register them on the CAFO website so that CAFO knows they are praying for children and their church will be added to the map.

Contact Strategic Network Services Director Dennise Jackson at djackson@texascasa.org for the list of children’s names and ages.

What’s more, though Stand Sunday is mainly organized by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Stand Sunday can and should be adapted for use by non-Christian communities that also practice prayer. Texas CASA does not endorse any one religion. Any testifiers associated with this event are speaking on their own behalf and not Texas CASA’s.

This is a WORLD-WIDE effort. Last year, Texas set a trend, and other states as well as other countries are looking into how they can distribute the names of all the children in their areas for prayer. Go, Texas!