Conversations with CASA – Nurturing Advocacy for Children in Elementary & Middle School

“Don’t get discouraged! Always ask: What’s the need behind the behavior? They’re not being willfully disobedient…they’re dealing with trauma. They’re surviving. And now that they’re safe and they’re okay, let’s find a way for them to reach and excel.” – Krystal Vann, Program Innovation Manager

In this episode of Conversations with CASA, CEO Vicki Spriggs sits down with Krystal Vann, Program Innovation Manager, and April Shaver, Advocacy Specialist Team Leader, with Child Advocates of Fort Bend.

Krystal and April dive in to their N.E.S.T. program (Nurturing Educational & Social Triumphs) for kids age 6-13. They discuss their favorite things about working with this age group, the importance of nurturing their self-esteem and identity, encouraging positive habits, helping them build a strong educational foundation and more. They also give their top advice for CASA volunteers advocating for children at this critical point in their development.