Executive Directors: Designate Contact for New Courtesy CASA Listserv by 4/25

While the first and best option for child visits is always for their CASA volunteer to see them, the next best option is for another qualified person to see them in-person to assess their safety and well-being. Through a contract with the Rosenberg program, Child Advocates of Fort Bend, the Courtesy CASA program provides trained CASAs to visit children who are placed far away and need an in-person visit that their volunteer cannot currently provide. Please remember, a Courtesy CASA can also always bring the child’s volunteer into these visits through FaceTime or Zoom. Due to the increased number of placements out of state and in an effort to better ensure the safety and well-being of children in distant placements, the Courtesy CASA program will now be prioritizing visits to out-of-state placements.

To help Courtesy CASAs collaborate on upcoming out-of-state visits across the network and to ensure every child in the region in need of a visit can be seen by CASA, Texas CASA has created a new Courtesy CASA Listserv.

Texas CASA is requesting Executive Directors identify a single contact who would be most aware of any out-of-state placement within their program to serve as their Courtesy CASA designee (or to identify a contact who could serve as the main point person and forward on internally, if need be). Executive Directors should have received an email from Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs (sent on April 4) with instructions to designate the best individual contact for the Courtesy CASA Listserv.

If you do not enter a designated Courtesy CASA contact by Monday, April 25, by default Texas CASA will add your Program Director listed in the ODM. In the case you do not have a Program Director within your organization (or one listed in the ODM), we will add your email address to the Listserv. You may then update this field at any time within the ODM and Texas CASA will update the Listserv accordingly.

If you are unable to locate the emailed instructions or have any questions related to the Listserv, please feel free to email Operations & Data Analyst Kelly Pratt at kpratt@texascasa.org. If you need to place a request for a Courtesy CASA visit, please contact the Courtesy CASA team: