CASA Logic Model

A workgroup of local CASA program Executive Directors and staff generously committed their time and talents to revise our statewide logic model. We acknowledge and greatly appreciate their contributions and this product.

download logic model

Having a logic model is a new (2020) National CASA Standard:

Standard 6.A.3. The executive director:
b. Establishes a logic model that is adopted by the governing board and evaluated annually.

Texas CASA requested an exception from National CASA, allowing programs to adopt a statewide logic model, into which all programs could provide input. National CASA agreed, if local program boards vote to adopt the statewide logic model. So, to meet this standard, your program could:

In addition to meeting the requirement in standards, the workgroup suggested a few other uses:

  1. Include when submitting grants that require a logic model
  2. Include in the strategic planning process for your program
  3. Use with volunteer training to review all that advocates can do to achieve better outcomes in these areas
  4. Consider for use along with “Tracking Well-Being Activities” document for a focus on advocacy related to safety, connections and transition to adulthood