FY2022 Local Board of Director Training Series

In FY22, Local Board of Directors training is being offered virtually to local CASA programs board members to meet the Texas CASA standard training requirement. Each CASA program will meet the requirement by ensuring a board member views each of the three trainings offered and completes a short review question survey at the conclusion of the training. Each training will be available online shortly after the live training concludes.

  1. STRATEGIC RECRUITMENT – January 19, 2022 | Build a board of capable, diverse, and enthusiastic people with the right mix of skills, experiences, and backgrounds by identifying potential board members, cultivating their interest, and recruiting them to serve.
  2. EFFECTIVE ENGAGEMENT –  February 16, 2022 | Engage all board members, not just new ones, in the work of the board through ongoing education about CASA and its programs, the external operating environment, and the board’s leadership role and by creating a culture of inclusion that values the input of all members.
  3. INTENTIONAL REVITALIZATION – March 17, 2022 | Stimulate thoughtful conversation about effective governance, understand the board’s performance through self-assessment and regularly look for opportunities to strengthen the way the board works.
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