Recruitment Planning

The Art of Recruitment Guidebook

Texas CASA’s new volunteer recruitment guidebook, The Art of Recruitment: Engaging Volunteers Who Own Your Mission, is framed using the Volunteer Ownership Cycle, which focuses on moving a volunteer from the You phase (or Awareness) to the We phase (or Ownership). By using this technique, you develop a relationship with the volunteer to better understand their personal mission and values and how those align with the mission of CASA.

This guidebook represents a year of work from the Texas CASA Recruitment and Retention team and Recruitment Workgroup Committee made up of representatives from local CASA programs.

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Recruitment Work Plan

The recruitment work plan is a template to help you start building your recruitment plan. It includes a few examples of both recruitment and retention goals to help you get started. Adjust the template to best fit your needs.

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Community Mapping

Use the community mapping tools to help identify community members or organizations that could become partners, volunteers or resources.

Strategic Community Mapping List

This tool can help you discover exactly where your volunteers are and where to focus recruitment efforts. By using this tool you’ll be able to identify the over- and under- served areas, identify geographic trends, and identify resources available in your community.

Download the Strategic Community Mapping List

Community Resources Mapping Tool

Use the community resources mapping tool to identify potential partners and how they can be beneficial to you, their self-interest, how to keep them involved and their role in the process.

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