Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum

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This event finished on 15 February 2022

With new National CASA standards stipulating that programs must present in full an approved pre-service training curriculum, your training support team at Texas CASA wants to ensure that programs across the state feel prepared and supported in meeting these requirements.

This special workshop is designed to introduce program trainers to the format and content of the Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum, one of the approved options for presenting pre-service training under the new National CASA standards. Delivered through a blend of in-person sessions and highly interactive e-learning courses, this curriculum requires approximately 14 hours of in-person training as well as eight hours of immersive online learning (in addition to the required eight hours of pre-work).

Over the course of four weeks, this workshop will familiarize trainers with the content and design of the blended curriculum. Each week, we will debrief one of the e-learning courses and strategize about how to facilitate the content from one in-person session as follows. Each session will be from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.:

  • Jan. 25: Overview of the curriculum; review Session 1 in facilitator guide.
  • Feb. 1: Debrief Session 2 e-learning course; review Session 3 in facilitator guide.
  • Feb. 8: Debrief Session 4 e-learning course; review Session 5 in facilitator guide.
  • Feb. 15: Debrief Session 6 and Session 7 e-learning courses; review Session 8 in facilitator guide.
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Strengths of the blended curriculum:

  • This curriculum reduces the burden on program trainers by allowing them to present four in-person sessions instead of the traditional eight sessions.
  • Using dynamic “hear from a peer” videos, immersive case studies brought to life by actors, and interactive quizzes throughout, this curriculum offers a high level of online learner engagement.
  • This curriculum allows for greater flexibility for learners to complete online sessions on their own schedule, as long as they are able to complete each course before attending the next in-person session. It is important that the sessions and e-learning courses be completed sequentially as designed, as the information builds on previous sessions.
  • When training across a large geographic area, this option requires less commuting for learners.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Instructional Designer & Facilitation Coach Margaret Halpin at with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at this workshop!