HB 2140 Public Hearing

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HB 2140 | Rep. Elliott Naishtat, Relating to the creation by the Department of Family and Protective Services of positions and organizations to facilitate the provision of services to foster youth |  Bill Summary

This legislation would order the department to appoint and manage youth specialist employees to coordinate regional outreach to foster youth and assist the department in developing services, policies, and procedures for foster youth. In addition, the youth specialists would help foster youth understand and access the foster children’s bill of rights, as well as administering a survey to collect information about foster placements and the quality of services they provide. This legislation would also direct the department to create regional and statewide youth leadership councils that shall meet to discuss department policies. Importantly, the department must seek input from the state youth leadership council before it implements a change to any policy or procedure that would impact children/youth in foster care. The schedule for the public hearing can be viewed here.

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