Introductory Training for CSE-IT

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The Child Sex Trafficking Team at The Office of the Governor, Greg Abbott, is pleased to invite CASA programs to a free one-hour introductory training on the CSE-IT (Commercial Sexual Exploitation Identification Tool). This screening tool is being utilized to assess youth at risk for child sexual exploitation by youth-serving organizations and governmental entities across the state.

The training is taking place on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020, from 10-11 a.m.


Since Texas’ adoption of the tool, over 23,000 youth have been screened by service providers, state agencies, juvenile departments, children’s advocacy centers and others. Over 2,500 of those screened have shown a Clear Concern for indications of exploitation.

This training will allow the attendees to understand the eight key indicators, and how the tool was designed and validated. Additionally, the one-hour introduction will help attendees to understand the common language the tool provides to the field in assessing youth as well as the outcomes of the screenings to understand the likelihood a youth is being or is at high risk of being exploited.

Attendees of the training will be invited to a subsequent three-hour virtual user training for those programs interested in becoming an authorized CSE-IT user. Session sign-ups for the user trainings will be provided at the end of the introductory training.

See this FAQ About the CSE-IT to learn more.