Imagination Report

Video created by Joseph Howard.

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In early 2020, we were well underway planning our first Texas CASA concert experience that would bring together 100+ people to hear local artists and discover how they can make a difference for children and families in the community. Then COVID-19 happened. The concert plan fell apart but from that came the Imagination Report – an original, collaborative piece between Riders Against the Storm, Ebony Stewart and Jonathan Horstmann.

The song is meant to inspire and show the difference one person can make in a child’s life, especially when that person is from the same community as the child and can connect with them.

this is

my imagination report


Who opened a door for you growing up?

Who inspired you? Who encouraged you to dream big? Who was your biggest champion and motivator? 

We want to know! Tell us by making your own #MyImaginationReport video and sharing it online.

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This is why

all i need is a door

Many difficult challenges face children and families involved in our state’s child welfare system at this particular time, and CASA programs work tirelessly to address them. We hear story after story showcasing the difference CASA volunteers make in the lives of those they serve—they show up in times of crisis, and our work to uplift children and families in our communities is more critical than ever.
To support the CASA network during this turbulent time of enormous change, Texas CASA has provided:
  • Policy advocacy at the legislature and updates to the network to keep CASA at the forefront 
  • A space for facilitated conversations with the CASA community, CPS, and foster care providers to brainstorm and problem solve the capacity issue
  • Funding for family finding searches to find possible placements
  • Youth engagement tools (virtual and in-person)
  • Support of family and fictive kin through gas cards, childcare cost vouchers, and other essential resources
Though the challenges our system is facing are severe, they are not insurmountable. The CASA network, with 10,500+ dedicated volunteers, will play a critical part in meeting these challenges. Will you join us? There are 3 ways you can support CASA, children and families:⁠

"So I’m reading an imagination report of what
kids wanna be when they grow up
I’m reading this because I remember
I wanted to be everything, but maybe
that’s just my adult regret remembering
what I wish I would’ve made time for
as I continue to make time
for things that don’t deserve me"

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Meet the Team

the artists


Riders Against the Storm (RAS), a husband and wife duo based in Austin, Texas, are the very essence of the cultural phenomenon known as hip hop. Understanding that art and performance are keys to transforming the individual spirit, they have built institutions that aid in this mission, including Body Rock ATX, now running 10 years strong, and RAS Day music festival, a standout of the ATX live music scene for 6 years. Within their music, and central to their purpose as creators, is an upholding of the culture's spiritual integrity, and a contagious celebration of the magic of creating something from ‘nothing.’

The Poet


Ebony Stewart is an international touring poet and performance artist. Her work speaks to the black experience, with emphasis on gender, sexuality, womanhood, and race, with the hopes to be relatable, remove shame, heal minds, encourage dialogue, and inspire folks in marginalized communities.

As one of the most decorated poets in Texas, Ebony is a respected coach & mentor, one of the top touring poets in the country, and a Woman of the World Poetry Slam Champion.

The producers

This project was a collaborative effort produced by Texas CASA staff and leadership.

Jonathan Horstmann, Multimedia Developer 

Kara Hobbs, Chief Social Impact Officer

Andrea Escalante, Community Engagement Specialist

Caitlyn Perdue, Communications Manager

The inspiration

The music video project began when Stewart was inspired to pen her poem entitled the Imagination Report after reading a similarly named report produced in 2017 by Fatherly and New York Life. The report was commissioned to answer the question “What do kids want to be when they grow up?” and surveyed more than 1,200 children. Award-winning hip hop artists Riders Against the Storm (RAS) were moved to put Stewart’s words to music and later the words and music were brought to life in an animated video produced by animator Joseph Howard, Jonathan Horstmann and Texas CASA. With the music video’s release, its creators aim to raise awareness of the impact a CASA volunteer can have on a child’s life and to encourage volunteer sign-ups and monetary donations from the community during this season of giving.