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Volunteer Coaching & Advocacy (VCA)
Moving Toward a Child, Youth and Family-Centered System: Opportunities in Court and Service Planning
The Art of Coaching for Volunteer Retention Video Series
Jump-Start Your Fund Development Efforts
TBRI® 101: A Self-Guided Course in Trust-Based Relationships
Computers for CASA
Keeping the Urgency for Permanency: A Resource Guide for Serving Youth in PMC
CASA Recruitment & Awareness Resources (Password Required)
July 2017 Legislative Update Webinar Series – 85th Legislative Session
Courtesy CASA & Courtesy Collaboration
ABCS Background Checks
Children With Sexually Aggressive Behaviors
VOCA Direct Reimbursement Grants
Mental Health Considerations: Working with Children & Youth
Communicating With Children
Behavioral Health Services for Foster Children Under Medicaid – One of the Best Kept Secrets in Texas
The Art of Coaching for Volunteer Retention
Supported Decision-Making: New Alternative to Guardianship
Child Outcomes & Volunteer Effectiveness (COVE) Evaluation Plan
IRS Form 990 Guide
Storytelling for Nonprofits
Youth Self-Advocacy
Sample Inactive Volunteer & Transferring Volunteer Policy
Exception Form for Exceeding Two-Case Limit
Visitation Matters Training Guide & Resource Manual
Oh No, You Didn’t! Mistakes We Make in Fundraising & Stewardship
Making the Most of a Small Fundraising Department
Child Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit
Educational Advocacy Resources
The Life Cycle of Human Trafficking
Individualized Advocacy & Action Plan
CASA Family Finding Initiative
Build a Core of Financial Support from Individuals
Response to Intervention (RTI): What CASA Volunteers Need to Know
Latin American Children’s Extraordinary Support (LACES)
Creating a Cost Effective Event
Texas Administrative Code
DFPS Case Connection: CASA Access to CPS Electronic Records in IMPACT
Successfully Engaging Your Board
5 Ways to Delight Future Volunteers
Flux – Life After Foster Care
Targeted Recruitment – Faith-Based Recruitment
Crime Victim’s Compensation Benefit Procedures
Mental Health Advocacy for Children in Foster Care
Trauma-Informed Advocacy
Advocacy for Transitioning Youth
Advocacy for Dual System Youth
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in the Foster Care Population
A Judicial Perspective on CASA Court Reports
Fostering Futures: Supporting Youth Transitions to Adulthood
Key Elements of Resiliency for CASA Staff & Volunteers
Psychopharmacology for Children in Substitute Care
Impact of Trauma from Adverse Childhood Experiences
Permanency Values: Permanency & Advocacy
Mental Health Services for Children
Advocating for Undocumented Youth
Transforming Educational Outcomes for Foster Children
Improving Outcomes for Older Youth in Care
Testifying 201
Communicating Effectively in the Child Welfare System
Visitation – Important Information & Requirements
Adoption Advocacy
Attorneys & CASA
Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure – What CASA Should Know & Do
Addressing Issues of Grief & Loss for Children in Foster Care
Reasonable Efforts
Permanency Planning Toolkit
Annual Fund/Annual Campaigns
Sample Volunteer & Stakeholder Surveys
Permanency Values
Online Core Advocacy Skills Training
Health Passport Access for Local CASA Programs
Fingerprint-Based Background Check Requirements
Memorandum of Understanding
Creating a CASA Development Plan that Rocks!
The TCU Institute of Child Development
Harris Price Case Video Facilitator Guide
Targeted Recruitment – Hispanic Recruitment
State Agencies Recruitment
Residential Treatment Center (RTC) Manual
Garcia Rivera Case – Journey Through The Texas Child Welfare System
Harris Price Case – Journey Through The Texas Child Welfare System
Harris Case – Journey Through The Texas Child Welfare System
Indicators of Compliance Manual
Volunteer Evaluation
Volunteer Application Process
Conflicts of Interest
Strategic Planning
Inclusiveness & Diversity Plan
Growth Planning ToolKit
Children’s Placements – Providing Input & Addressing Concerns
Quality Assurance
Best Practices Manual
Employee Recruitment & Selection
New Hire Orientation
Job Interview Process
Internal Controls
Insurance Checklist
Texas CASA Standards
Board & Staff Responsibilities
License Plate Fund
Swalm Endowment Fund
Victims of Crime Act – VOCA
Media Releases
Child Protective Services Handbook & Policies
Texas Family Code
Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Fund
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