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Computers for CASA

Passed during the 85th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 78 by Senator Jane Nelson gives CASA programs access to Texas’ state agency surplus computers to distribute to children and youth served by CASA. Below you will find resources, forms and links to the required training to help your program get started with Computers for CASA. You can also refer to the Computers for CASA Overview for more information.


Before requesting a computer, at least one CASA staff person must complete the Computers for CASA 101 training. This comprehensive training includes an overview of the program, steps to request a computer, software requirements, installation and reimbursement process, and finally, the delivery of the computer to the child or youth. The training, including the final assessment quiz, must be completed by at least one CASA staff person in order to receive reimbursement funds through the Computers for CASA Direct Grant.

Start Training

Computers for CASA 101 is only available on the CASA College Learning Management System (LMS).
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Accessing the Computers

CASA programs must complete both forms when requesting each computer. Forms are available on the TDCJ website.

Visit TDCJ Website

Additional Forms & Resources

An overview of terminology and the computer software necessary to get your computer up and running.

An important fact sheet for both the advocate and caregiver to review before giving the child or youth access to their new computer.

CASA programs must have both the child/youth and their caregiver sign the Release of Liability Form and should retain this form for every computer distributed to a youth through the Computers for CASA program. This is covered in the Computers for CASA 101 training.


Texas CASA has secured a grant from the Reissa Foundation to enable local programs to be reimbursed for contracted IT work and software purchase for this program.

Local programs will be eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $400/computer for the following*:

  • Purchase of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Purchase of the Norton anti-virus program
  • Contracted IT support related to this project.

Programs cannot request reimbursements for any of items if they were not used specifically for computers and equipment ordered from a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Program for distribution to a current foster child or youth. For additional reimbursement information, please review the grant project guidelines

Review the grant project guidelines 

Requests for reimbursements can be submitted through the Texas CASA Online Data Manager (ODM) along with all other RFRs, and must be submitted by the 15th of each month.

Download COmputers for CASA Reimbursement Form  

*At least one staff person at each local CASA program must complete the above training in order to receive reimbursements for any of these items.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Texas CASA Public Policy team at