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Courtesy CASA & Courtesy Collaboration

Courtesy CASA visits give local programs who have children placed outside of their region the unique benefit of still having a trained CASA visit their child face-to-face. Local CASA programs can request Courtesy CASA visits for children who are in urgent need of an in-person visit that their volunteer or program cannot currently provide.

Once a visit has been made, the Courtesy CASA can report their findings and provide pictures of the children and their placement directly to the local CASA program. The information gathered during the visit allows the primary CASA and their supervisor to make informed recommendations to the judge, and ensure the child’s needs are being met.

The child’s CASA is encouraged to participate in the visit via phone or video chat in order to help maintain their relationship with the child.

Listen to the informational webinar to learn more about Courtesy CASA. To access the webinar, log in to your CASA College LMS account. If you do not have an account, sign up here.

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To request a visit from a Courtesy CASA:

  1. Find your Courtesy CASA contact closest to where your child is placed using the Courtesy CASA Regional Map .
  2. Email the following information to the appropriate Courtesy CASA:
    1. Completed CASA Courtesy Assistance Visit Request Form
    2. Most recent court report
    3. Court Order Appointment
  3. Once the Courtesy CASA receives the above information, they will contact the local CASA program with next steps.

*If you would like to request a Courtesy CASA visit for you child, please contact your local CASA program’s advocate supervisor.

Download the forms used in requesting a Courtesy CASA visit below:

Courtesy CASA Contact by Region Map

CASA Courtesy Assistance Visit Request Form

If you are a Courtesy CASA, download the forms below:

Courtesy CASA Assistance Visit Report

Facility Information Form