Embedding CFE Assessment

In the interest of understanding which local CASA programs have embedded the practice of Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) and what they have done to accomplish this, Texas CASA completed an assessment in conjunction with the CFE team. The assessment took place in the first two quarters of FY 2022. Embeddedness was defined as integrating CFE practices and beliefs into many or all aspects of the CASA program, where growth had been shown in the number of children and families receiving CFE, and how much of CFE was used in practice. The programs included in the assessment were identified by their CFE Coach as programs where CFE was the most embedded.

There were three consistent themes found throughout most, if not all, of the programs identified as being the furthest along the journey of embedding CFE:

  1. programs have a demonstrated understanding of the importance of family engagement;
  2. leadership has created a culture supportive of CFE; and
  3. programs have a designated CFE Lead position in place.
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