Community-Based Care Guide – 1st Edition 2019

In 2017, in an effort to improve the lives and outcomes of children in the conservatorship of the state, the 85th Texas Legislature enacted legislation that significantly expanded the process of Foster Care Redesign, creating the change model known as Community-Based Care. CBC progresses in stages, moving responsibility for foster care placement, case management and services from the state of Texas to private contractors which must be nonprofit agencies or governmental entities. As CBC goes into effect in a region, a child’s primary institutional contact will transition from Child Protective Services (CPS) to employees of the contracted agency. These contracted agencies are known as Single Source Continuum Contractors (SSCCs). This guide lays out how the Texas child welfare system will change as the scope and role of CBC expands. In addition, the guide offers insight into how local CASA programs could be affected by the implementation of CBC.

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