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Network Services Division

Network Services Team

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Email the Network Services Team at: networkservices@texascasa.org

How the Network Services Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Local CASA Network Services
    • Acts as liaison to all teams regarding local CASA programs, communicates program issues and helps determine needed services, and provide subject matter expertise on committees as requested
    • Acts as liaison to the Regional Representatives to ensure the local CASA programs are represented on the Texas CASA Board of Directors through the election of six Regional Representatives
  • Operations and Data Support
    • Creates and distributes data visualizations, dashboards and reports to promote data-driven decision making related to local program operations
    • Leads, conducts and manages the annual satisfaction survey to solicit feedback on Texas CASA’s services from local CASA program Executive Directors, board members and staff; and communicates results with teams to provide action steps
  • Risk Management
    • Identifies, manages and addresses risks to the credibility of the CASA network in Texas

Strategic Network Support Team

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Email the Strategic Network Support Team at: sns@texascasa.org

How the Strategic Network Support Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Events, Trainings and Meetings
    • Leads the logistics, planning and support for all Texas CASA-hosted events, trainings and meetings
    • Leads the coordination of the educational components of the annual Texas CASA Conference
  • Media and Marketing Support
    • Coordinates network needs and network coverage with a statewide marketing campaign designed to increase CASA awareness
    • Manages CASA awareness media buys across the state
  • Volunteer Coaching and Advocacy (VCA), Recruitment and Retention Support
    • Offers regional trainings to the network with a focus on coaching principles, retaining volunteers, and enhancing advocacy
    • Creates new recruitment and retention initiatives and collateral to support these initiatives, and provides coach/consultants for individualized support
    • Acts as the liaison for all recruiter and volunteer recruitment-related needs and issues
    • Builds community partnerships to assist in recruitment efforts across Texas
    • Hosts bi-annual Volunteer Power Unleashed recruitment summit
  • Training and Development
    • Helps the local CASA programs effectively train their volunteers by offering train-the-trainer resources, trainings and support on how to best utilize the National CASA pre-service training curriculum
    • Creates dynamic and relevant online learning materials to support local programs’ educational needs, and manages Texas CASA’s e-learning system so that local programs can access the training and resources they need, when they need them
    • Researches and develops manuals, templates, best practice guides and more, to address the CASA network’s needs, trends and identified gaps

Collaborative Family Engagement Team

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Email the CFE Team at: cfesearch@texascasa.org

How the CFE Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Leads the coordination, training, coaching and support for Texas’ model of Family Finding to ensure effective collaboration and implementation for CASA, DFPS and other child welfare partners

Program Operations Team

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Email the Program Operations Team at: programoperations@texascasa.org

How the Program Operations Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Reviews
    • Using a three-year cycle, conducts reviews of all local CASA programs to ensure compliance with Texas CASA’s Standards for Local CASA/GAL Programs
  • New Executive Director Support
    • Hosts new Executive Director orientation and trainings, and offers comprehensive, targeted coaching and support of new directors for their first year
    • Executive Director and Program Director Email Google Group
    • Hosts the Executive Director and Program Director Google Group to promote communication and resource sharing between programs
  • Board Support
    • Facilitates annual, mandatory training for representatives from each local CASA program board, as well as offers targeted and individual program support as requested
  • Optima Use and Support
    • Coordinates a statewide Optima User Group through an Optima Liaison to support consistent data management practices throughout the state and accurate data reporting
  • Legal and General Assistance
    • Responds directly to programs regarding case- or child-related legal questions and issues and offers email and phone communication, resource sharing and onsite assistance when intensive support is needed

External Relations Division

Public Policy Team

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Email the Public Policy Team at: publicpolicy@texascasa.org

How the Public Policy Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Legislative Funding
    • Advocates for legislative funding to support Texas CASA and its initiatives and projects
  • Training and Information Sharing
    • Provides training and relevant information to keep the Texas CASA staff updated on legislative and policy issues
    • Provides information on statutory changes, agency rules and regulations, and funding issues that may affect Texas CASA, the CASA programs and the children and families we serve
  • Collaboration and Expertise
    • Works collaboratively with the Communications Team to offer legislative and policy expertise for op-eds and other media opportunities, provides support to the Social Impact Team as appropriate, etc.
  • Legislative Advocacy
    • Builds and maintains relationships with key legislative leaders and their staff and the Governor’s office and advocates at the Texas Legislature for funding and for CASA legislative priorities
    • Solicits input and suggestions for legislative priorities from the CASA network
  • Relationship Building
    • Builds positive relationships with legislators and other key decision makers
  • Policy Advocacy and Leadership
    • Identifies best practices and policy innovations for the CASA network and to improve the child protection system
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
    • Works with outside stakeholder groups on legislative and policy issues, including the Children’s Commission, DFPS, Child Protection Roundtable and other advocacy partners
  • Legislative Advocacy Teams (LATs)
    • Works with local CASA programs to develop and build LATs for grassroots advocacy
  • Public Policy Events
    • Plans and manages events, including the Child Welfare Primer, CASA Day at the Capitol, the LAT Retreat and Big Voices for Little Texans® award recognition events
  • Training
    • Provides in-person and online training to local programs and other targeted partners on legislative changes and other policy issues
  • Information Sharing
    • Communicates with LATs and other CASA network members to keep them up to date on advocacy issues through Inside CASA, The CASA Voice, the Texas CASA LATs Facebook page, Google Group, webinars and other means
  • Resource and Collateral Development
    • Develops policy reports, guides, briefs, informational one-pagers and other legislative advocacy and policy-related materials
  • General Assistance
    • Provides advice, information and resources for local CASA programs and CASA volunteers, and responds to questions regarding legislative and policy issues
  • Workgroups and Collaboration
    • Participates in workgroups and meetings with CPS, the Children’s Commission and other stakeholders to create recommendations for child welfare system improvements and works collaboratively with numerous stakeholder partners, such as: DFPS, courts, attorneys and legal groups, foster care providers and other nonprofits, and shares information about the CASA role, programmatic standards and other relevant information regarding CASA
  • Responsive to National CASA Regarding Federal Legislation and/or Appropriations
    • Responding to requests from National CASA to support federal legislation, federal funding requests or other action or expressions of support with members of the Texas Congressional delegation or other federal officials
    • Texas CASA has sent and will continue to send letters to members of the Texas Congressional delegation in response to National CASA requests, as needed
    • Working with National CASA to identify and support CASA representatives from Texas who participate in direct Congressional advocacy with National CASA staff in Washington
    • Informing National CASA of informal contacts with members of Congress or Congressional staff
    • Communicating with National CASA staff to ascertain National CASA’s position on issues before signing on to legislation or otherwise engaging on federal issues

Communications Team

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Email the Communications Team at: communications@texascasa.org

How the Communications Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Strategic Messaging
    • Sets the course for the Texas CASA message, determines direction for new branding and messaging, upholds the brand guidelines and shapes communications for all teams that bring Texas CASA into public awareness and dialogues
  • Writing, Editing and Design
    • Writes guidebooks, reports, toolkits, press releases, letters and other communications to the network, stakeholders and the public
    • Edits all outgoing materials for clarity and branding as applicable (guidebooks, workbooks, manuals, grants, PowerPoints, correspondence to all EDs, mass communications to donors and stakeholders, collateral, etc.)
    • Assists with visual branding and graphic design of Texas CASA printed and digital materials
      Produces online magazine, The CASA Voice – monthly Statewide News, Education & Outreach Blog
    • Shares CASA success stories, educational articles, videos, important child welfare news updates and more through the monthly online magazine and email alerts
  • Produces biweekly newsletter, Inside CASA – Internal News Blog
    • Keeps local program staff and board up to date on important news, resources and opportunities through the blog and bi-monthly email alerts
  • Media Visibility Initiative
    • Produces regular CEO-byline opinion-editorials on CASA and child welfare issues and places them in news outlets across Texas to provide thought leadership
  • Digital Communications
    • Manages the Texas CASA website and email marketing efforts, as well as regular posts on Texas CASA’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram channels
    • Crisis Communications and News Monitoring
    • Assists CEO with crisis communications and offers strategic support to manage and mitigate current and potential public relations crisis situations
    • Monitors the daily news appearances of Texas CASA and local programs in all media via Google Alerts, assembles and distributes biweekly digest of news appearances
  • Learning Center
    • Manages the Texas CASA Learning Center, a nationally-used online repository and searchable database of eLearning courses, webinars and guides focused on advocacy
  • Website Template and Support for Local Programs
    • Offers branded website template and creation for local CASA programs, as well as training on managing their website, free of cost
  • Awareness and Training Materials
    • Creates collateral materials to support teams within Texas CASA for network subject-specific guidebooks; branded marketing materials; print and digital learning, tools, resources, etc. to benefit local programs
  • Annual Report
    • Leads the creation of Texas CASA’s Annual Report, in collaboration with the Social Impact and Public Policy Teams, to communicate the work we have accomplished each year to donors, stakeholders and the CASA network
  • Annual Calendar
    • Leads the creation of the annual Texas CASA Calendar, a 12-month calendar that is used as an outreach tool to communicate the CASA message
  • Conversations with CASA
    • Leads the production of monthly video interviews between the Texas CASA CEO and key figures involved with current child welfare issues and trends
  • Media Release and Social Media Templates
    • Provides regular public relations templates for local programs to send to their local news media, and provides monthly calendar of suggested social media posts tied to themed months and current events

Internal Operations Division

Social Impact Team

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Email the Social Impact Team at: partnerships@texascasa.org

How the Social Impact Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Fundraising
    • Identifies, solicits and secures funding sources to support special events, special projects and initiatives, trainings and more
    • Raises unrestricted funds to support Texas CASA operations via the individual giving campaign, grants and third-party fundraising events
  • Grants
    • Works with a contracted grant writer and internal project leads to complete and submit grant applications to foundations for funding special projects
  • Community Partnerships
    • Works closely and strategically with other teams to develop new and grow existing partnerships in the business community, to benefit Texas CASA from both the marketing and fundraising perspective
  • Texas CASA Fundraising Collateral and Communications
    • Works with the Communications Team to produce fundraising event collateral, annual report, email, social media posts, direct mail and all mass communications to donors and prospects
  • Texas CASA Donor Benefits and Acknowledgement
    • Manages the delivery of donor benefits and acknowledgement communications
  • Relationship Building
    • Builds and manages relationships with funders, donors, prospective supporters and community partners
  • Fundraising Expertise
    • Offers fund development resources and other support for the CASA programs as requested

Grants Management Team

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Email the Grants Management Team at: grants@texascasa.org

How the Grants Management Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Pass-Through Funding Support
    • Provides local program financial information related to pass-through reimbursements to the Finance & Business Operations Director in order for reimbursements to be submitted to the Governor’s Office and HHSC
  • Information Sharing
    • Provides financial/grant information to the Program Operations Team, provides grant updates, notices and data to the Communications Team for Inside CASA, etc.
  • Online Data Manager (ODM) Support
    • Assists the Database Administrator in the management of the online portal where the local CASA programs submit their data, funding and reimbursement requests
  • Grants Management
    • Manages applications, requirements and reporting for the following grants: Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC), Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), and Title IV-E, Direct Reimbursements, License Plate Fund
  • Budget Revisions
    • Processes local program CVC and VOCA budget revision requests when necessary or requested to fully utilize grant funds
  • Reimbursements
    • Reviews Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs) for allowable expenditures and processes payments
  • Liaison to Governor’s Office, Criminal Justice Division, on VOCA Funds
    • Prepares application of funds, makes necessary budget revision requests to utilize all funds and prepares semi-annual VOCA progress reports
  • Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) CVC Financial Reports
    • Prepares required quarterly CVC financial reports on pass-through payments made to local CASA programs, and prepares required annual CVC budget allocation report to HHSC that shows the annual CVC budgets for each local CASA program
  • Training and Technical Assistance
    • Provides grants management training and technical assistance to local CASA programs
    • Ensures compliance with the required local CASA program annual independent audit and conducts random desk review of supporting documentation for grant compliance
  • Risk Management
    • Conducts financial risk management assessments of the local CASA programs

Administration Team

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Email the Administration Team at: administration@texascasa.org

How the Administration Team supports the Texas CASA teams and local CASA programs:

  • Finance and Accounting
    • Oversees the creation of agency budgets, reimbursement requests, financial management and general accounting activities
    • Processes reimbursement requests, assists with financial management and general accounting activities, and provides technical assistance with QuickBooks
  • Data and Research
    • Navigates the Online Data Manager (ODM) for performance measures and grants management, provides day-to-day reports on data and coordinates multiyear research
    • Leads statewide data collection and provides performance dashboards and data for the CASA programs, provides training and technical assistance for the Online Data Manager (ODM), and coordinates multiyear research
  • Liaison to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)
    • Reports monthly to HHSC, the agency that manages CASA’s annual state funding
  • Strategic Planning
    • Oversees the strategic planning process
  • Human Resources
    • Manages recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, facility management, workplace safety and more to ensure a safe, productive and affirming workplace environment
    • Provides expertise and assistance on employee benefits and compensation, and state and federal regulation interpretation
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Develops and implements working procedures and performance standards within Texas CASA
  • Risk Management and Compliance
    • Oversees procurement and contract management, produces and preserves the integrity of all financial statements and financial documents, and prepares for and undergoes audits from different entities