CFE Sustainability Pathway

The CFE Sustainability Pathway outlines the implementation timeline for local CASA programs and CPS as they begin the CFE process. The pathway lists benchmarks to be completed during each phase from Pre-Work to Year 4 when CFE should be fully implemented in the community. View Now

Family Meetings: Best Practices & Principles

Family meetings are the heart of the CFE work, and are believed to be an opportunity to bring everyone together for planning and decision-making. This process is where the family’s voice can best be heard. It is recommended that the CFE elements explained here are integrated into the family meeting process and schedule that already occur in the case, so … Read More


In 2016, Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Consulates of Mexico in Texas and Texas CASA regarding the mutual collaboration in cases of Mexican minors or children of Mexican origin who are in the custody of Texas Child Protective Services. The goal of the MOU is to help every child benefit from the connections and … Read More

CFE Manual

The Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE): Creating & Strengthening Lasting Connections Manual provides an overview of the principles and components of CFE. The Manual dives into each of the four C’s of CFE and will help you get started with CFE, or build off of the work you are already doing to find and engage families for children in foster care. … Read More

Introduction to CFE

CFE is an innovative Family Finding partnership between CASA and Child Protective Services (CPS). CFE uses a structured approach that is built around the fact that children have many blood relatives and other important connections that can be identified, located, and engaged with—providing children, parents and families with a dedicated support system that is meant to last even after CASA … Read More