Insurance Checklist

One way to minimize risk is to ensure that your CASA program has adequate protections. Use the Insurance Checklist for Board Members to learn what insurance is typically used by CASA programs. DOWNLOAD THE INSURANCE CHECKLIST FOR BOARD MEMBERS

Texas Administrative Code

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) from the Office of the Attorney General provides the Standards of Operation for Local Court-Appointed Volunteer Advocate Programs. Accepting these terms is a condition of receiving state and federal funds. Please Read Part 3 Chapter 64 Of The Texas Administrative Code.

Texas Family Code

The Texas Family Code outlines the powers and duties of CASA volunteers appointed for abused and neglected children in foster care.  Some provisions apply only to CASA advocates appointed as guardian ad litem but others apply to all CASA advocates. Guardians and Attorneys ad Litem. Powers and Duties of Guardian Ad Litem for a Child. Volunteer Advocates. Investigation of Report of Child Abuse or Neglect. Removal, … Read More

Sample Volunteer & Stakeholder Surveys

Texas CASA Standard 9.C.1.a. requires CASA/GAL programs to assess their goals, objectives and outcomes; including the degree to which the program identifies and meets the advocacy needs of the children it serves, as assessed through surveys of volunteers, judges and other key stakeholders. Please see the Sample Volunteer Survey and the Sample Judicial & Stakeholder Survey as guides on how to create your own surveys … Read More

Sample Inactive Volunteer & Transferring Volunteer Policy

Texas CASA Standards require consistent, annual training for all active CASA volunteers. This sample policy from CASA of West Texas illustrates how a CASA program can handle inactive or transferring volunteers with the same consistency. Sample Inactive Volunteer & Transferring Volunteer Policy