CFE Tools App

CFE Tools App

Providing an engaging way for tools to be completed while meeting people where they are at - often on their phones!


DFPS Legacy staff can download the app from the "Comp Portal" on their agency iPhone.


About CFE

Collaborative Family Engagement is Texas' team-based approach between local CASA programs and CPS, SSCCs, and other child welfare professionals to engage, find and work with family members and fictive kin in the creation and development of a lifetime network for young people in the foster care system. CFE provides creative tools for volunteers and caseworkers to use with the child, parent or relative to learn about who they identify as important people to them, and to more fully hear their voice and story.

For more information, please visit this website.

About the CFE Tools App

The app is intended to provide another option for members of the CFE Team to complete engagement tools in-person with young people in foster care, and/or with their parents, family members, caregivers or other important people. 


When you need assistance, our CFE Team is available to help! Send us a message through the app or contact us at

data privacy

One of our main priorities is to protect the privacy of app users. You can read the Privacy Policy here, as well as the Terms & Conditions here.

Easy Download

Simply visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the app for free. If you are DFPS Legacy staff, download it from the "Comp Portal" on your agency iPhone.

How to use

After creating an account, you will receive an email from us asking you to allow time for us to verify your information before approving your account. The app is intended to be used in Texas by those implementing CFE. As soon as we approve your account, you will receive an email informing you of your approved status. You can then login to the CFE Tools App with your email and password. You will be able to complete any of the tools presented in the app, with as many different people as you would like. Some tools require drawing, some writing, and some are more in game form.

Tools in the Cfe App

The CFE Tools App was made possible with the support of