CFE Mobility Map

A mobility map is a visual timeline of a person’s life created by having them draw places they’ve lived and people from their earliest memory to the present day. Texas CASA has created two mobility map templates available for programs to use: The Mobility Map Poster and the Mobility Map Accordion. The poster is 36″ by 24″ and the accordion is 26″ by 6.5″ and both can be downloaded below or ordered online. Follow these helpful tips on how best to use the maps:

  • Tape flip chart paper on the wall, or use the sample template created by Texas CASA. Encourage the person to stand, if able, and use markers to create/fill out their mobility map
  • Start with drawing the first place the person remembers living in, and build from there
  • Draw as much as the person can remember about each person and place
  • Draw only people that the person identifies as important
  • Focus on the positive and good things in that person’s life
  • Redirect away from negative memories but acknowledge them if they arise
  • Ask questions organically as they arise out of what is being drawn
  • Schedule one hour for children and two hours for adults to complete this activity
  • The map can be built upon at subsequent visits
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